Peace Cave

Caving / Spelunking in Florida

Withlacoochee State Forest

GPS Location:
28° 42' 42.41" N 82° 26' 42.51" W

Peace Cave is located in Withlacoochee State Forest which offers a karst landscape. Karst regions host acquifers, limestone, dolomite, caves, uvalas, dolines, and solution valleys. The Citrus Tract portion is located just north of Tampa.

Peace Cave's entrance is not easily recognizable but can easily found by the huge spray painted "peace" symbol on the oak tree by the entrance. Peace Cave hosts many visitors throughout the year and has resulted in mistreatment. Once a popular place for bats, this cave no longer has bat communites due to the fires and abuse by visitors. The walls are lined with spray painted slogans and the spelothems have been stripped from the cave.

Caves are natural wonders and should not be mistreated. They are the perfect habitat for bats which should not be disturbed. So, do not bother them and they will not bother you. Unfortunately there are some who will ruin nature's beautiful creations for future generations. This cave system may soon be closed off to the public to preserve this once beautiful cave.

"Special thanks to Allen for informing us about this cave"

If you'd like to share pictures from this cave, please contact us. Thank you!

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