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Blue Lake
Devil's Punchbowl
Green Mountain Reservoir
Paradise Cove
The Black Hole
Lake Pueblo

Aspen, Colorado
Heeney, Colorado
Cripple Creek, Colorado
Two Buttes, Colorado
Pueblo, Colorado
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Follow Safety Rules, Verify Legality, Be Careful & Have Fun Cliff Jumping!

The list above is not yet complete as we are still searching for locations in Colorado. The cliff jumping locations listed are to help guide you to a suitable place to jump. This means the areas listed throughout the site currently or at one time have contained one or more locations which match the requirements (being deep enough, etc.) for cliff jumping and diving. This may not hold true year round as water levels can recede. We cannot stress this point enough, always prepare and survey the area before cliff jumping. Serious injuries can occur; even when you are prepared.

There are most likely hundreds of locations to choose from elsewhere in Colorado and multiple locations within a specific area. We are listing cliff jumping locations that are popular. If we were to list every water hole, it would be extensive. Instead, we'd rather focus on areas that are worth your time as opposed to a small body of water which doesn't offer the best landscape for cliff jumping.

Are you familiar with an unlisted location which is suitable for cliff jumping in Colorado? Please recommend a location.

A man and a woman jump from a cliff into a lake.

Cliff Diving at Paradise Cove near Cripple Creek, Colorado

Blue Lake is located in the Indian Peaks Wilderness west of Ward, Colorado. The area is very popular for hiking and will require a hike to get to the lake. These trails are not normally for solitude as it is a well traveled destination.

Devil's Punchbowl is located in Pitkin County. The GPS coordinates to the area are Latitude 39.119156 and Longitude -106.7086462.

Green Mountain Reservoir is located in northern Summit County along the Blue River. GPS coordinates to the dam area of the reservoir are Latitude 39.8776N and Longitude 106.3305W.

Paradise Cove is located near Cripple Creek, Colorado. It is also known as Guffey Cove and is a hidden little swimming hole. A small waterfall drops off into a deep pool of water surrounded by granite cliffs.

The Black Hole is located in Two Buttes, Colorado. It is a secluded clean swimming hole. It's a popular swimming and cliff jumping location which makes it a hot spot during the summer.

Lake Pueblo is located in Pueblo, Colorado. The lake is ideal for boating, water skiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, scuba diving, and more. Cliff jumping is illegal at the lake.

Cliff jumping is a dangerous sport and all precautions must be taken. Many people have died cliff jumping; even from a low height. Others have altered the rest of their lives due to injuries obtained from cliff jumping. Use common sense. Just because your friends dare you to jump is no reason to do so. That's normally how serious injuries occur as one tries to out-do the other. You may think jumping from a higher cliff is cool but know that the higher you go you are increasing the risk of injury. It is never recommended to jump from a height of over 40 feet.
We are not responsible for any injuries, legal issues, or anything else associated with your cliff diving experience. We only provide locations we learn about from various sources. We post necessary precautions and it's up to the cliff jumper to follow those rules.

Locations on the map are for the general cliff diving area and are not to be viewed as the exact location to dive from. DO NOT DIVE FROM THE EXACT MAP LOCATION! Never dive or jump at an illegal location. That area is illegal for a reason. That reason is generally due to the area being dangerous (a large occurrence of underwater rocks, high accident rate, inadequate water depth, water depth that changes frequently, etc.) or that it is private property. We ask that jumpers research the area to determine if jumping is legal before going. Many locations are now illegal due to their dangerous conditions.

Follow all safety rules as described throughout the site, be careful and have fun!

Cliff Diving in Colorado

Cliff Diving at Green Mountain Reservoir in Colorado

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