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Fly Texas
Go Hang Gliding
Hang Dog
Indian Creek Airpark
Kite Enterprises Hang Gliding & Paragliding
Lake Shore Hang Gliding
Ultralight America

Launch Area:
Austin, TX
Austin, TX
Sherman, TX
Dallas Ft. Worth, TX
Allen, TX
Conroe, TX
Hempstead, TX

Kingsland, TX
The companies listed above are business listings for hang gliding in Texas. Kite Enterprises Hang Gliding & Paragliding has provided us with detailed information about their company in order to better serve you. Are you familiar with a new company or unlisted launch area in Texas? Please recommend a company or location. If you are a company which offers tandem hang gliding and/or lessons, please contact us for your free directory listing.

Hang gliding is the sport of piloting an aircraft called a hang glider. Modern hang gliders provide the ability to stay airborne for hours and travel hundreds of miles. The pilot uses a body harness to strap into a light-weight unmotorized glider that is foot-launched from a mountain, hill, or tall structure. In areas with flat terrain, a technique called "Aerotowing" is used to get the glider in the air. Hang gliding is generally viewed as an unsafe sport but has increased in safety over the years. Most modern gliders have an aluminum alloy frame with a fabric wing. The glide ratio has improved which allows gliders to fly for extended time periods. Instruments used during flight include a variometer, GPS, and radio. Safety equipment used include a helmet, backup parachute (for both the pilot and the glider), first-aid, ropes, and a knife. For a high altitude flights, oxygen tanks are needed.

Hang Gliding in North Texas

Hang Gliding Company: Address / Location:
Fly Texas Address:
4811 Red River
Austin, Texas 78751
Go Hang Gliding Address:
4811 Red River Street
Austin, Texas 78751
Hang Dog Address:
Grayson County Airport
(near Sherman, Texas)
Kite Enterprises
Hang Gliding & Paragliding
Allen, Texas
Lake Shore Hang Gliding Location:
Lake Conroe
Ultralight America Address:
38655 Menke Road
Hempstead, Texas 77445

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