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Central Maine Skydiving
Jump and Raft
Skydive New England
Pittsfield, ME
Millinocket, ME
Lebanon, ME

The locations above are business listings for professional skydiving companies in Maine. Are you familiar with a new or unlisted location in Maine? Please recommend a company. If you are an extreme sports company which offers tandem jumps and/or accelerated freefall training, contact us for your free directory listing.

It's best to purchase your skydive directly from the company you plan to jump with. Beware of a skydiving network which claims to offer a location near you. These skydiving websites look legit which is why it's hard to discover the company is not. There are literally HUNDREDS of these fictitious websites from this network. They will sell you a gift certificate under false pretenses. Then once you've paid, you are told where your drop zone is. That drop zone may be hundreds of miles away. Sometimes the location you are told to go to does not have an agreement with this skydive network and will not honor this so called gift certificate. The truth is that there is no skydiving network at a national level. They don't give you a physical drop zone address because they don't have one. Do not fall for their tactics. When you deceive your customers, it's a scam plain and simple.

Skydive Company: Address / Location:
Central Maine Skydiving Physical Address:
176, Harrison St.
Pittsfield, Maine 04967
Jump and Raft Location:
Jump n Raft
Old Medway Rd
Millinocket, Maine 04462
Skydive New England Location:
New England Sky Sports
40 Skydive Lane
Lebanon, Maine 04027

Skydive Company: Distance:
Central Maine Skydiving Distance:
9 miles from Newport, ME
15 miles from St. Albans, ME
20 miles from Fairfield, ME
22 miles from Skowhegan, ME
23 miles from Waterville, ME
35 miles from Bangor, ME
43 miles from Augusta, ME
Jump and Raft Distance:
62 miles from Old Town, ME
70 miles from Houlton, ME
72 miles from Bangor, ME
Skydive New England Distance:
7 miles from Rochester, NH
13 miles from Sanford, ME
13 miles from Farmington, NH
14 miles from Somersworth, NH
18 miles from Dover, NH
30 miles from Portsmouth, NH
31 miles from Biddeford, ME
48 miles from Portland, ME

Skydiving Promotional Video for Skydive New England in Lebanon, Maine

Skydiving with Jump and Raft in Millinocket, Maine